Old Fashioned Memories!

My main idea for my post this morning came from a FaceBook friend.  Well, not a true-I-know-them-in-real-life-Friend, She is a friend I added because we play the same little apps on Facebook.  She seems like a very sweet person and we have commented on each others status and clicked each others’ posts when items were needed… Anyway, I do consider her a friend and it was her status this morning that prompted my post and walk down memory lane… This is what she posted….

“just want to say to the ppl that send chain mail I dont do chain letters, regardless of via text, email or post, sorry. if you send them I will break the chain.”

I responded back to her that I don’t do chain letters, text forwards, email forwards etc… but that my Grandma did partake in 2 different “Chain Letters”.  Gram did a recipe exchange and a kitchen towel exchange.  I remember her excitement at the prospect of getting new and exciting recipes to try in her kitchen and the many different dishes I had growing up that I might not have had otherwise.  She would get recipes from the Southwest using spices and veggies that were not the norm for cooking with in our area.  She would get recipes from the Northeast using seafood that, again, were not the norm for our area.  More than once she had our local grocer order her special items just so she could try the recipes she had gotten.  The kitchen towels were also from all over.  I seem to remember one that came all the way from overseas.  We never used that one for normal “wipe-your-wet-hands” activities.  She made a shadow box and put that one under glass.  Each time we would go and grab a new hand towel, she could tell you when she got it, the first name of who sent it and their state.   I also remember her waiting impatiently for the postman (a walking post man – no less) to step on the porch and the excitement on her face when there was a special item delivered.   Sometimes I would like to try something like that, but people are so busy these days, I just don’t think anyone would follow through!

I spoke about a walking mail man like I did because Laura had no idea that they still existed.  We have lived in the country for so long and have always had driving mail persons with our box being located next to the road at the end of the driveway, she didn’t know that in some neighborhoods the mail is delivered by someone with a pouch hung on their shoulders while they walked house to house.   We had done our grocery shopping and was headed back home one day, when there was an accident on the main road.  We had to detour through neighborhoods and she happened to finally spot one.  She said “Oh My Goodness, MOM, There is a walking mailman!!!”  I chuckled all the way home and told her Dad the story… He said “Watch this”… he called her in to the room and said “Mom told me you saw a walking mailman today… Did you know, when I was young.. We had MILK delivered to our back porch by a MilkMan???”    She was so amazed, her eyes got as big as saucers…  and asked.. “Did they ride on dinosaurs or walk it to you?”… ***sigh***  That’ll teach him…

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Yay… Back to School!

Today is the first day back at School for Laura.  Thank goodness… Sometimes she drives me crazy.  Right straight up the wall.  She gets “bored”.  I never used to tell my parents I was “bored”… They would find me things to do.  Sweep the floor, wash the woodwork, run the vacuum, clean the fridge…. and I would do it, no arguing, no backtalk, I just did it. I didn’t make the mistake of telling them I was bored very often after I caught on to their gimmick.  You know, the Tom Sawyer gimmick of “I really wanted to do it myself because it is so fun, but since you really need something to do….”  Those ploys have never worked on my kids… none of them… hmm wonder if they are just that much smarter than I was or if I just didn’t push them like my parents pushed me.  Anyway, she is back to school and will have plans now.  Play practice, Map Club, QuizBowl, homework, etc.  Bet I won’t hear bored now… At least not til the weekend **sigh**

Yesterday was a good day.  I went grocery shopping, got some laundry done.  AND I made Coconut Macaroons and a Pumpkin Roll.

Laura and a neighborhood boy went for a walk and took some pictures for me.  She came back half frozen, but they got some photos for me of the across the road neighbor’s livestock.  Laura has always been an animal magnet.  Every creature within a few yards of her gravitate to her.  Scares the begeebers out of me, but she loves it.  And she loves all animals… even those I deem not worthy of love… like snakes, mice, bats, chickens, opossums, raccoons, .. critters like that.  *shudder* and they all seem to love her, or at least want to check her out… maybe they are tasting her, I dunno… but ick.

Looking back over my list… It occurred to me… It has been a while since I went over my fears… and yes, most of them are not logical or rational… but I am scared just the same…

  • Snakes:  They don’t have legs, they should not be able to move… like a stick… where ever they are, they should stay… it is pure evil that propels snakes across the ground.
  • Mice:  short little legs, scratchy little toes, leave nasty droppings everywhere, and don’t even get me started on diseases… all rodents fall under the “Why I am scared of Mice Category”.  Hampsters, gerbils, even ferrets…
  • Bats:  I just know they are going to get stuck in my hair… then smack my head around *eww*
  • Chickens:  I don’t know the reason I am scared of chickens, but I am… Nasty creatures!
  • Opossums:  Have you ever seen their teeth??  I have… reasonable fear.
  • Raccoons:  They also have teeth… and they hiss and puff up at ya.. ick.
  • The cotton in medicine bottles:  Makes my teeth hurt.. I don’t know how, it just does.
  • Junebug Beetlebugs:  omg had one get stuck in my ear as a kid… the noise… *shiver*
  • Leaves that skitter across the ground.. not roll across the ground but “skitter”.. you know like they are chasing you… freaks me out.
  • Putting my hand in lake water that I can’t see the bottom… murky water… You just never know what is down there.
  • going under an overpass… I am scared something is going to fall off one onto my car.

There are more, but I have talked about my fears enough to make me jittery so I have to stop…

Plans for today… More laundry (does it EVER stop???), pick up Laura after play practice, go to the post office and get my Netflix movie Blind Side, and cook our supper of Cheesy Tater Soup with bacon… yum!   Then sit on the couch with the cats, dogs, and maybe hubby if he gets home in time and watch my movie!  A Good Day!! 🙂


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Morning World.

Yesterday our weather was very confusing.  It was December, which is WINTER… We had thunderstorm warnings, a tornado warning, buckets of rain, then Wonderful Sun… The temperature was 60 degrees!!!  Then came evening… I guess Mother Nature remembered it was winter and corrected her mistake…. The temp fell to under 30, making all the puddles into miniature ice skating rinks and the ground and porch into a frozen creaking cracking musical when stepped on.   Gee thanks for correcting that Alzheimer’s moment hon!  Anyway, the forecast is for more cooler weather but seems, at least for the moment, dry…

Laura goes back to school Monday.   We are thinking that play practice will start up pretty quickly since they are about a month behind due to the “teacher” having her baby the second week in November.  Now, I am sorry… a person knows when they are pregnant, they know the approximate due date… Why in the world would that same person schedule a “whole school drama production” to be put on in February, knowing they are going to be “out” for the whole month of November and most of December…. I sure wouldn’t want the stress… But actually it is us, the parents, the students that have felt the stress.  Those who have the big parts in the musical are stressing over learning their songs, lines, positions and so forth, while those who have smaller parts and are on the stage crew are stressing over their jobs.. I bet the teacher is at home enjoying her new baby and laughing because she has an excuse for the production to be a mess… Anyway, Laura is a Whomom in the musical which is Suesical the Musical… She is a single mom with 3 kids (who are second graders she moans).  She wanted to be the Cat In The Hat… but the part went to a girl that had the correct last name… Small town politics at work.   It’s ok, she is happy to let that girl have the part.  Laura is on to bigger and better things.

For Christmas Laura got a guitar, sony ereader, and some other small things.  She is watching YouTube videos and teaching herself how to play her guitar.  She is actually pretty good, I guess it helps that she can read music.  She just found out that she is First Chair in Flute.  I know I am bragging, but the other day she was playing a song out of her Disney Songs for the Flute book… I thought she had put the movie in.. she really was that good!!  For all the catterwalling at the beginning of her musical career, I really had my doubts that she would ever stick with it, but what a difference a year makes.   She is also using this vacation to read some books that she downloaded to her ereader.  She loves to read, write, and compose plays.  I skipped into one of her files on the computer and I thought she had done a “Copy and Paste” on the beginning of a professional story… but she noticed me in her file and asked me what I thought so far… She had written it!!!  I was so impressed, the descriptive language she used was amazing.  The flow of the writing was so fluid it really seemed to be a book that had been edited by a professional and published.  I think we may have to get her signed up for a Writer’s Course when she hits High School… that is if this little podunk school system has such a thing…. One of these days I will ask her if i can publish just a few paragraphs here on my blog.

The other kids are doing good.  Jessica is back in Warrensburg, getting ready to tackle classes for her Masters in Music and working almost full time in a department store bakery… Cody is on a sabbatical missionary trip in Michigan (good thinking, organizers, go to the north in the dead of winter…)  Hope they make it back before his college classes start back up on January 5th…  David is visiting his Dad’s side of the family while he is “laid off”, I think he is due back January 7th at work… not sure on the exact date…  Jerrod is working on the loading dock at a DOC facility… That is all I want to say about him.

Clif headed over to the gun shop for a while today.   A guy is planning to come and purchase some ammo for his high dollar rifle from them today.  They also have given quite a few quotes on shotguns, hand guns, and rifles lately, so they want to have the shop open when other people might be off work and able to come in and place their order…

On tap for me today… Dishes, Laundry, cleaning cat boxes, and maybe a couple of movies while sitting here on my computer with Netflix instant… **sigh** sounds like a good way to welcome 2011 to me…..

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Hello world!

Well my first post of 2011.  Welcomed the new year alone, as is the fact almost every year in the past 10.  I am feeling a bit bitter about it.  Probably another post later today with a condensed version of where I left off in um what September??  Gee has it really been that long? I have missed Blogging and will probably become regular about it again.  🙂

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Wednesday – Spring Flowers

Yesterday was Welcome Spring Flower Delivery at Laura’s school.  She sent 5 flowers to friends, she got 14 flowers…. 8 of those from BOYS!!!  OMG!  Oh by the way… She is not boyfriend/girlfriend with Cheese.. err Colby anymore.  That ended just a couple of days after it started.  In Laura’s words… He is boring.  They are still friends, he still calls here for her, they still go to the park with their friends, so it seems to be a healthy "breakup".  Anyway, I asked her about these flowers from boys…. Her words again.. "They are just FRIENDS mom!!"  And she put that exasperated sigh with it… She did give me the cards that came with the flowers…. BIG MISTAKE!!  There was 2 "Will you go out with me" ones… 1 "You are a nice person" one, 3 "Lookin Good" ones, and the other two only had the names signed… hmmmmm… the two asking her to "go out" were 8th graders!!!!!!!  I am pacing right now.. What the heck am I gonna do????  My boys were so much easier… and she was easy up til 2 months ago… Ughh!!
Tonight is visitation for J.  I really hate Wednesdays for that reason.  Laura, David and I just sit in the van while Clif goes in and does the visitation.  The only reason we go is because then Clif takes us out for supper after he is done.  I know horrible of us… Just there for the food.. but I can’t help it.  I am glad I don’t go in for the visits.  I don’t know what to say.  I don’t want to tell him all the great things we are doing, I think it would make him feel bad since he can’t do anything.  I don’t want to ask him what he has been doing… I kinda know the answer..  I just don’t know what to talk about.  His lawyer told him he  is not to talk about his case. Soooo what are you able to talk about??? 
We have to wrap a trip to the grocery store into tonight.  It is getting to be pretty slim pickings around here.  I hate shopping!!  Hate it hate it… I hate also planning what we are going to have for suppers each night.  I ask "What sounds good for supper?".. they say "Whatever"  One of these days I am going to just mix every  nasty thing I can think of and tell them that from now on when they answer "Whatever" that is what they are going to get.  Clif won’t eat chicken in any form… So chicken is out.  He isn’t real crazy about pork.  If he had his way we would have hamburgers and fried potatoes every night.  I usually end up with mostly ground beef in the freezer.  There is a lot that can be done with hamburger, but geezzzz it gets sooo old.  We have tacos, meatloaf, hamburger helper, hamburger gravy, chili, stuffed peppers, spaghitti, etc… but I get tired of it all.  Since bbq weather is getting here, he doesn’t mind having pork steak or getting a loin to smoke, but the main part of our diet is ground beef in some form.  He likes veggies, but corn is his favorite.  Desserts are an open menu… he will eat anything.  He isn’t crazy about chocolate, but will eat it.  His favorite is Pineapple Upside Down cake.  In fact there is about 2 pieces left in the fridge right now and the cake was made for him Monday night.  David and Laura will eat almost anything, although Laura doesn’t like manwich, and David isn’t crazy about Navy Beans.   Anyway, a trip to the store tonight to stock up. 
On tap for today…. Movies on syfy, playing my computer game "Virtual City", dishes, vacuuming, and the dreaded laundry and hanging out stuff… **sigh**
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Oil Change… ahem…

didn’t know it was a prerequisite to get oil from the tippytop of your head to the soles of your boots… But, it must be, since that is what happened to BOTH of my guys… and my porch, my entryway, my kitchen floor…. I sure didn’t know a vehicle held so much oil.  I asked them if the van threw up all the oil that was in it or what… They said the dogs wanted to help… ahh ok.. that is why the dogs didn’t have any oil on them… Yeah thats the ticket.. blame the dog.. Course the dogs get blamed for everything… from farts to covering grown men with oil.   After getting the guys into the shower, my floors cleaned up and scattering cat litter on the porch.. The oil change was done.  Now I am not as stuck as I was before.
I got up this morning to my coffee already made.  Clif had already made me a pot.. Wonder what is up with that???  He has done it before, but it was because it was cold and he wanted a cup before I got up, this morning it was a full pot just for me… Maybe it was a "make up" for covering everything, including my son, with used motor oil…
Laura didn’t get to take any pictures last night.  She had a ton of homework and is preparing for MAP testing.  (Missouri Assessment Program)  This day is for the math portion.  I sure hope she does alright… I have said it before, but I am lost when she is talking about her math homework.  To me 2+2=4  … You don’t have to mix properties, or determin wholeness, or whatever… it just IS 4… When you divide… you put the big number into a half box, the little number on the outside and figure it out… **sigh**  glad I was a kid when I was a kid… Math was simple (kinda).  We memorized the times tables, carried, borrowed, and just DID it…  I don’t even wanna talk about Laura’s Social Studies….
Time to put the dogs out for thier morning air.  And get on with my day.
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Shorts weather and Over-Run

The weatherman has promised a beautiful week.  I don’t hang all my hopes on what the weatherman says… In what other job can you be wrong so often and still have your job and get paid??  Anyway, I hope this time the forecast is correct.  Nights in the 50’s, days in the 80’s.  No rain in sight.  It will sure be nice to dry out just a bit, but I don’t want to start a drought this early.  There is enough time for that in July or August. 
We had a pretty boring weekend.  Clif was busy with the gunshop and the class.  David and I hung out at the house and watched movies on Syfy.  Laura bounced between the park and the house.   The three of us sat yesterday and watched ZombieLand.  It sure wasn’t a "life changer", but it was funny.  We enjoyed it.  David and J went to see it in theaters when it was out, Laura and her friend also went to the movies with them, but they saw "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs".   Laura liked the Meatballs movie, but after seeing ZombieLand, she wishes she could have seen it with them. 
We are being over-run with Ants!!  The little buggers are everywhere!  In the kitchen.  In the bathroom.  On my computer desk.  In the pantry.  Around the catfood (the dogfood doesn’t last long enough).  I went to the dollar store and bought plastic containers for my pantry stuff.  I have wiped all my countertops and the computer desk down with a vinegar solution.  I just don’t know what to do with the catfood… I only feed the cats dry food, so there is not that huge nasty smell that comes with the moist food.  I don’t want to spray for ants with the pets, but something has to give. 
Laura has taken an interst in photography.  She has asked if she can take our digital camera out this afternoon and take some pictures around town.  She said one of her teachers has mentioned that the school is interested in starting some clubs that focus on "outside of school interests".  She should have a lot of great things to take photos of.  There are some beautiful older homes in this town, a historical church, plus redbud trees are in bloom along with the tulip trees and there are some very pretty flowers budding out.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. 
The house is clean, so that doesn’t have to be on the list for today, but Laundry is stacked up again.  I can wash here at home, and there is a line out back, but I hate to haul thoes wet clothes down the steps, hang them and then have to watch them so they don’t fall off, or birdies leave gifts on them.  I DO love the way they smell when they have dried that way.  Laura and Clif are out of pants so I guess at least one load today goes out…..
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Better attitude today

Yesterday was a real downer of a day.  But today will be better.  Clif didn’t get the oil changed in my van, but that is not a big deal.  Don’t really have anywhere i really need to go anyway.  I didn’t get much cleaning done, but got a start on it.  I will finish that today. 
Clif has so much to do to get ready for that class.  The gun shop also has a charity shoot for the Children’s Miracle Network.  Every year it falls near Tori’s birthday.  This year it happens to be ON her birthday, August 29th.  They work very hard and do make lots of money to donate to the Network.  They are trying to keep the gunshop going, plan these conceal carry classes, and plan this Benefit Shoot.  Plus both of them work other full time jobs. 
David is getting very antsy to get a job.  He is tired of waiting around.  There just are not that many jobs to be had here in this small town.  We still have not found him a vehicle he can afford.  He doesn’t want our help money-wise.  He wants to do this on his own.  I am proud of his attitude, but sometimes you need a little help, and it is not shameful to ask for it or take it when it is offered. 
Laura visited with the school councelor yesterday for a bit.  She is having a really rough time.  She has had a lot happen in her life.  We lost Tori, Ma-Ma, and granny in a short span of time… We moved across 2 states and back.  We had a total loss house fire.  3 of her pets died (she was sooooo attached to her first dog Daisy).  She has been molested.  Just one of those is enough to give a child a need to talk to someone.  She seems to really like the school councelor, so I am with hope that she can help Laura feel better.  Laura has, what we have come to call them, Mini-melt downs.  They seem to sneak up on her and are not brought on by any one thing, They come out in angry lashing out, crying jags, breaking things, etc… We took her over to Columbia to a Therapy Center, but she asked to stop.  The kids in her age group were much younger.  They grouped her with the 4-10 year olds because they didn’t have any in the teen group at that point.  She didn’t like the group therapy thing anyway.  I think she needs the one on one therapy so she can talk through some things without fear of others "listening in" as she put it.  She has gotten much better with the Mini-Melt Downs, lately.  I told her that if she felt like she needed an outlet, she can come to me and we could sit down and talk it through.  During these "sessions", I don’t do much talking… I just listen.  She goes through the whole range of emotions, from happy memories, to sadness at death, to anger at J, to sadness about missing friends and family, And then we hug for a while and then she bounds off for friends or for her computer and headphones…. **sigh**
Aunt Nancy and Uncle Mike are going to come for a visit in a couple of weeks.  Seems like they had an issue with most of the hotels in the area being booked up, so I called the next town over to see if there was any openings.  We found a nice one that has all the days that they are here open.  Thank Goodness.  I can’t wait for them to get here.  I miss spending time with them! 
Time to get to work on this house, before something else comes up…. 🙂
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Kinda Blah

Woke up this morning feeling kinda… idk… blue, sad, off… I don’t know the right word.. Just Blah.. I think it is a combo of a bunch of things…
  • Clif is being… well, he is being Clif…   He has always been kinda quiet, a bit reserved most of the time, and can multi-task… I am a talker.. I wanna talk, not just me talking.. I want conversation.  His multi-tasking involves me talking, him on the computer… I just jabber and jabber and he sits there clicking away… I complain that he is not listening to me… He repeats every word I said back to me… So I KNOW he is hearing me… but is that really listening??  I want him to give me attention, feedback, eye contact, whatever… **sigh**
  • Laura has her friends.   She doesn’t need me as much any more.  I used to be her #1 "toy".  Now I am just an ATM, Cab Driver, Maid, and Cook. 
  • Riding is off for tonight.  The weather is ok, a little cool.. but clif wants to change the oil in my van.  With the class this weekend and all the prep work scheduled for the rest of the week, tonight is the only day he can do it.
  • I can’t do laundry here at home, Clif fried my dryer and we have not replaced it.  I have to load up the dirty clothes, go to the laundrymat, spend all those quarters, get the clothes all folded, loaded back in the van, bring them home, put them away.  It is just… a hassle…
  • I miss my Daughter Tori, my Mom and my Grandma. 
  • For a different reason… I miss Nancy and Mike. 

I know I know.. I am dwelling on the "bad" and not thinking of all the "good"… But, in my defense.. I don’t do this very often and I am going to Wallow for a couple of hours.  I am going to enjoy my pity party AND I will cry if i wanna.    Dang It!!!!!!  

After I am done with my "party", I am going to really dig in and deep clean this house! 

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Riding Weather

It is about time!!  Looks like the weather is going to cooperate with some wonderful weather to go riding!!!  The motorcycle has been primed, tires checked, Leather jackets cleaned (don’t know why, but Clif says its important), and the new comfy seat installed… Now to go back over my motorcycle riding rules……. (along with a couple more since I have ridden more)


  1. Don’t lean… I have a habit of leaning the opposite of the way the bike is leaning.. I thought I was being helpful so the bike wouldn’t tip over… but I actually make the problem worse, since i forget to lean back when the bike straightens up…
  2. Lady bugs HURT when they hit you in the face at 60 mph…
  3. Don’t wiggle around when on loose gravel…
  4. Zip up the leather jacket before getting on behind the driver… its not easy to do at 60 mph.
  5. Always go potty before leaving the house and try to go potty at every stop…
  6. Never tell the driver that you have to pee… He will hit every bump in the road he can find… guess he wouldn’t if I just… um nevermind…
  7. Wear rather fitting clothes.  I always looked at the girls riding on the rear of bikes and thought they were being vain, but as it turns out, you need fitted clothes so that they don’t blow off….. um lesson learned after having to hang on to Clif with one hand and my shirt with the other….
  8. Don’t wear dangly ear-rings.  They sure look pretty, but the wind with whip them into your face and feel like you are getting a face spanking…
  9. Even though you are throughly enjoying yourself, don’t go down the road smiling… bugs are not attractive in your teeth…
  10. If the driver says, "Uhoh, Hang On"… Just hang on and close your eyes… Don’t try to stand up and see what is going on, it makes it worse.
  11. The wave at other motorcycles is mandatory.  No, we don’t know each other, it is just a sign that we know what the other person is feeling!!
  12. Rain hurts!
  13. Always have a helmet that actually fits your head… If the helmet is too big, all the air that is hitting you in the face goes up your forehead and into the helmet making it feel like one of those parachutes the race cars throw out the rear to slow down… Only its not slowing down the bike, just trying to rip your head off.
  14. Always wear sunglasses.  My bangs kept hitting me in the eyes making me have to ride down the road with them shut…
  15. Always ask the driver to empty his mouth of chewing tobacco before you start riding… spit stains on pant legs DOES NOT come out.
  16. Don’t look at your shadow and see some funny thing hovering over your head and panic because you think its a bug… its only the radio antenna…
  17. Remember that your lovely daughter has a bad habit of falling asleep while riding in moving vehicles, motorcycles are no different.  Arm rests are a good thing.  (She even held on to "TomTom" since she was daddy’s navigator)
  18. Windburn hurts… a good sunscreen with moisterizer is a life saver.
  19. Relax and Enjoy the ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that Clif and I might go riding tomorrow night for a little while.  Maybe over to Little Dixie Lake or up to Mark Twain Lake, depending on what time he gets off work.  I had never been on a motorcycle in all my 40 years alive.  But I LOVE it.  Hmmm MidLife Crisis, ya think?? 

Clif and JR have a conceal carry class at the gun shop this Sunday.  I dread these weekends, he is so busy with the gun shop.  He will head out on Saturday morning EARLY (5am) and not get back home until after 8pm.  They have to get the shooting lanes re-done, offically measured, and cleaned.  They also provide lunch for the class, so Saturday is "Shopping Day".  The winter classes have been easy for the guys, they fixed a big pot of chili.  The summer classes will be easy, Hot dogs, hamburgers and chips… but these kinda inbetween classes will be harder.. Almost to warm for chili, almost too cool to bbq… Not sure if they have thought of a menu for this one yet or not…   To be perfectly honest, I am not sure how I feel about this conceal carry law.  On one hand I like the idea of being able to protect myself or my daughter.  But I also know we are not living in the old west and that problems can’t be solved by shooting first and asking questions later…. I fully support gun rights, but I think the conceal carry almost takes it too far.  Clif argues that if criminals don’t know who might have a gun they might think twice before mugging people.  I am not sure… I think they might think that they have to be more violent in their mugging attempt.  I am torn…What I do like is that before a person is granted a conceal carry license, they have to take the class, qualify on the shooting range and, after successfully completing the class, they have to apply for it at the Sherriff’s office.  It is not the people that take the class and HAVE the license that I worry about, it is the criminals that have carried a gun for years without the license and don’t care that they don’t have the license that I worry about….

So far Laura hasn’t asked to do anything this weekend.  Her good friend, M in the next town over, has lost her house due to a fire.  They didn’t lose everthing like we did last February, but their house is not liveable.  They all have lost most of their clothing, it is water damaged and smells like smoke.  Their kitchen items are all ok, the fire was in the attic and was under control before it actually got to the living area of the home.  The fiberous furniture (couch, chairs, beds, etc) all have so much smoke damage and water damage, they are unusable…  They also lost a lot of their family pictures… I have blogged about this before, but it bears repeating… I didn’t lose my family photos, I scanned them into my computer and uploaded them to this site, my myspace, and a photo storage site (photobucket.com).  I didn’t know it at the time, but it was the best thing I have ever done.  I didn’t do it to avoid losing them.  I did it because I had a new photo program that I wanted to play with.  Then decided that I wanted to post them so that other family could see them.  I also had a thought in the back of my head that if my computer ever crashed, i would have to do it all again so I wanted to upload them somewhere so i could just click and save them on a new computer… My laziness paid off!!!  ………  Anyway, back to M and her family.  M lost a pet chincilla (sp????) and is so very upset… I feel horrible for her.  It is so hard to lose a pet.  Laura still dwells on her dog Daisy.  I still think of Maggie.   Stuff is just stuff… but a pet and family pictures… it is so hard…

Speaking of pets… Easter morning.. we had put the dogs out for thier morning breath of air.  A few minutes later… I heard screaming.. not people screaming, bunny screaming… we rushed out in time to save 2 little baby bunnies.  Little bunnies… didn’t even have their eyes open… …. Now their eyes are open, they are hippyhopping, they are doing well.  We fed them baby formula out of an eye dropper, and now have them on pellets along with the formula feedings.  I honestly didn’t think they would survive, but they have, so now it is rabbit hutch building time…. I guess… They can’t be turned lose, I don’t think they would make it yet and don’t know that their survival skills will develop since we have been handling them… Not to play, but just for feedings. 

Opps time to head off, didn’t realize so much time had passed….  

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